About us


Dutch Dressage Stars is founded by Nikay van Duren, Diederik van Silfhout and Diederik Wigmans. The goal of DDS is to create an easy and transparent way to buy your dreamhorse after the Corona restrictions partly shut down the worldwide trade. 

The three of us decided to hit the road to find nice horses and buy them ourselves as a vote of confidence in these horses. Then the horses will be trained by very experienced riders and thereafter they will be available to you through an online auction. 

We aspire to present horses with such high natural quality that in case they're not sold, we would love to put in some extra time and educate them to higher levels. In other words: horses everyone desires.

To guarantee that we can offer well trained horses, we decided to auction 3 to a maximum of 6 horses a month. 

About us
Our years of experience make it possible to buy your dream horse

We hope that the years of experience of our team, in the dressage sport as well as the sales of dressage horses, will give you courage to buy your dreamhorse at a time in which we are not as mobile as we want to be due to Corona. We hope to not only give confidence to our existing clients, but also to new clients based on transparency and by working together with your own contact person/mediator. 

Of course we take into account the commission of your mediator who is welcome to try the horses when you're not able to come and try them yourself. 

We will maintain a maximum of try outs, in number of persons and in time, in favor of the horse. 
All horses are extensively examined by dr. E. Enzerink of Veterinary Centrum Someren. Also Dutch Team veterinarian. Reports and X-rays are available on request. 

We hope te welcome you at one of our stables. 

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